Private hearing aid dispensing – HearWear@RSCH

HearWear@RSCH is a private business run by the Royal Surrey County Hospital Audiology department. Established since 2010, we have been providing independent hearing care services to anyone who would like to purchase hearing aids or accessories that are not available on the NHS.

The NHS can provide advanced digital hearing technology at no cost for people with impaired hearing. However the NHS cannot offer a vast range of style choice, the latest premium quality hearing aids, or additional devices for use with hearing instruments. The aim of our private service is to give you access to these things, in a trustworthy, independent environment.

The service is run by audiologists who are employed by the NHS. Our audiologists will be able to advise on what the NHS can and cannot provide, and the differences in NHS and private technology.

Our services include:

  • Free hearing tests and consultations
  • A wide range of private hearing aids from several leading manufacturers
  • Swim plugs for those with grommets, perforations or ear infections
  • Custom noise protection
  • Assistive listening devices for use with NHS or private hearing aids


Why choose HearWear@RSCH?

  • Free warranty, batteries and appointments
  • Independent, trustworthy advice from NHS audiologists
  • All hearing aids fine-tuned using techniques such as Real-Ear-Measurements or In-Situ Audiometry
  • Continued care from your NHS notes, with ongoing advice about your NHS hearing aids and ear health
  • Personal and caring support

Meet the team

HearWear team photo


Contact us

Telephone or Text: 07717 694460 (please leave a message if not answered).


Royal Surrey County Hospital
Audiology Department
Egerton Road

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